There are lessons for all ages at Musical Matters.

  • Wunderkeys is especially designed for students aged 3-5 to promote school-readiness in maths as well as piano-playing skills. The three books develop children's recognition and manipulation of patterns preparing them for Kindergarten maths while building the muscle strength and fine-motor skills in their fingers, necessary to playing the piano. Pre-school lessons are scheduled in the mornings to allow maximum engagement and fun.
  • Beginner piano lessons utilise the beginner and intermediate courses created by Encore Music Education. Students from 4 and a half years old sing, move and learn to play the piano in fun lessons. Adult beginners are welcome - it is never too late to take up the piano, and what a wonderful pastime it can be.
  • Violin lessons are also available for students age 4-up. The emphasis for each lesson is on singing, moving and playing the violin. Ensemble playing is encouraged from the very beginning.
  • Musicianship lessons are available for all students. All intermediate and advanced students should attend a theory class each week.
  • AMEB Exam preparation classes are for students sitting an AMEB instrumental exam. These classes run for 8 weeks leading up to a student's exam preparing them for those extra parts of the syllabus: General Knowledge, Aural Tests, Sight Reading with some performance and test condition practice thrown in. These lessons are open to anyone whether they are a student at Musical Matters or not. Classes run for 45 minutes, with a minimum of 3 students, allowing instrumental teachers and students to free up private lesson time for technical requirements and repertoire. 

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